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    Web developer. Content creator. Whimsical deviant!

    I've ~10 years of experience working with all types of clients and project. Names such as Nike, Uber, Eurostar, NearForm, Monzo, CodePen, and Egghead. I can take your project to the next level. I thrive on bringing ideas to life and have a reputation for delivering eye-catching results ahead of schedule.

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Jhey writes.

I love to write. And I'm happy to write about various topics whether it's a technical deep dive or a soft skills piece. I've written for publications such as CSS Tricks, Smashing Magazine, and SitePoint. I also published an ebook on CSS animation in 2020. Grab a copy!

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Jhey streams.

I share my creative process on stream. No script. Turn up with an idea often chosen by the community. Share the entire process from scribbling in my notebook to deployment!

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Jhey teaches.

I'm honored to be an Egghead instructor. I create many bite-sized screencasts teaching neat tips && tricks for web development. Is there something you'd like to see me teach? Let me know.

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Jhey makes things.

It's not all one-off demos. I make a bunch of other things too which I throw up on Github. This is where the source for my CodePen and various projects tends to go. You can sponsor me too to keep the lights on!

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